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Guided Botanical Hikes


I am happy to offer guided field trips for those who would enjoy a more in-depth visit to our natural areas.  I will identify most if not all plants on such hikes.  My hikes are near the Tri-Cities, but trips to more distant areas can be arranged.  For instance, I will often hike on Badger Mountain. 

A typical activity would be to assemble hikers at a trailhead and review safety issues and how we should respect our natural resources.  Pictures are always a good way to enjoy botanical beauty. The hike will proceed a set distance agreed to by the hikers.  Hikes can typically be two to four hours roundtrip.  You must provide you own food and water.  Come prepared for the weather and always remember to wear sun screen and a hat when it gets warm.

I will charge a fee for time in the field starting when hikers assemble and lasting until the hike is over and hikers have safely left the parking area.  The fee will be $20/hour per hiker.  You will receive beauty, pleasure, and an upgraded knowledge of our flora.  Exercise is always good too!

Hikes are offered at anytime except in the winter.