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Get rid of the turfgrass!

Put Nature to Work for You

with Our Xeriscape Landscaping and Ecological Restoration Services

Are you tired of dealing with the lawn?  All the irrigation, mowing, and fertilizing can be troublesome.  Invite Mother Nature back into your yard and property with professional work from our xeriscape and landscaping service in West Richland, Washington. Native Plant Landscaping and Restoration specializes in building a yard for you that allows you to stop watering, mowing, and fertilizing so that you can have more time and money to do the things you want to do! Contact us to repair and restore your local ecosystem with a highly diverse mix of native plants.

A Partial List of Our Services

Botanical surveys

• Seed collection and processing

• Plant propagation

• Planting

• Landscape design

• Continuing maintenance

• Fire risk assessment

• Agricultural cover crops

• Landfill cover revegetation

• Plant water sensors

• General botanical and                    ecological research

• Guided Botanical Hikes

Let Native Plants Back into Your Yard
Why should you use our xeriscape gardening services? Native plants are naturally efficient for naturally dry areas. They don't need irrigation other than getting them started, and they don't need to be fertilized or mowed. These features of a xeriscaped property will save you time and money.



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