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Family Scientific name Common name Life cycle Life form flower color flower time Available 10 cubic inch pot Available 4 cubic inch pot
as of 2-25-14
Apocynacea Apocynum cannabinum dogbane Perennial Herb white spring to summer 26
Asteraceae Achillea millefolium common yarrow Perennial herb white spring to fall 98
Asteraceae Artemisia tridentata sagebrush
shrub yellow fall 90
Asteraceae Balsamorhiza caryana Carey's balsamroot Perennial herb yellow spring to summe 21
Asteraceae Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus yellow rabbitbrush
shrub yellow fall 71
Asteraceae Crepis atribarba slender hawksbeard
herb yellow spring to summer 31
Asteraceae Crepis modocensis
Modoc hawksbeard
herb yellow 56
Asteraceae Ericameria nauseosa  rubber rabbitbrush Perennial shrub yellow late summer fall 17

Asteraceae Erigeron piperianus Piper's fleabane Perennial herb yellow spring 6
Asteraceae Gaillardia aristata  blanketflower Perennial herb yellow orange spring to fall 86
Asteraceae Heterotheca villosa hairy false goldenaster Perennial herb yellow spring to fall 0
Asteraceae Machaeranthera canescens hoary tansyaste Biennial herb purple fall 96
Brassicaceae Phoenicaulis cheiranthoides wallflower phoenicaulis Perennial
blue purple spring summer 77
Fabaceae Astragalus conjunctus Idaho milkvetch Perennial herb creme spring summer 3
Fabaceae Astragalus purshii
woollypod milkvetch Perennial herb pink spring 12
Fabaceae Astragalus sclerocarpus woodypod milkvetch Perennial herb crème spring 0
Fabaceae Astragalus succumbens  columbia milkvetch Perennial herb pink spring 141
Fabaceae Dalea ornata  blue mountain prairie clover perennial herb pink lavender spring 0
Fabaceae Lupinus leucophyllus velvet lupine perennial herb blue purple spring summer 51
Lamiaceae Salvia dorrii
purple sage Perennial shrub

blue lavendar

spring to fall 114
Linaceae Linum perenne blue flax Perennial herb blue spring to fall 107
Loasaceae Mentzelia laevicaulis smoothstem blazingstar Biennial Perennial herb yellow summer 0
Poaceae Elymus elymoides squirreltail Perennial bunchgrass spring 98
Poaceae Leymus cinereus Great Basin wildrye Perennial bunchgrass spring 98
Poaceae Poa secunda
Sandberg's bluegrass Perennial bunchgrass spring 98
Poaceae Pseudoroegneria spicata bluebunch wheatgrass Perennial bunchgrass spring 98
Poaceae Sporobolus cryptandrus sand dropseed Perennial bunchgrass spring 51
Polemoniaceae Phlox longifolia longleaf phlox Perennial subshrub
pink spring 194
Polygonaceae Eriogonum niveum  snow buckwheat Perennial subshrub
white pink late summer fall 4
Polygonaceae Eriogonum sphaerocephalum rock buckwheat Perennial shrub yellow spring 1
Ranunculaceae Clematis ligusticifolia
western white clematis Perennial vine white spring to summer
Rosaceae Purshia tridentata  antelope bitterbrush Perennial shrub yellow spring 628
Scrophulariaceae Penstemon acuminatus Sharpleaved beardtongue Perennial herb lavendar spring 0